A photograph is pausing a story that is already being told so that one day you can look back and remember all the emotions you were experiencing in that moment. Moments are short and sometimes go unseen. So through your images I want you to never miss a moment or feeling. To tell your story is more than a gift, it is truly an honor. 

Curating a picture with meaning, yet simplicity...

I am a natural light and film photographer - passionate to the core and always seeking adventure and connection. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, I have learned to appreciate the simple things in life, cherishing every moment along the way. I was taught to follow my dreams no matter how big or small they may be which lead me to where I am today as a wedding photographer. I have been given the incredible privilege of being invited into extraordinary peoples' lives, for which I am extremely grateful. Its the honest moments, the beauty of each individual and the little details that fuel me as an artist to capture the simple yet truest moments.

Above all else, my family is my rock. My husband Luke has been by my side now for thirteen years, and each day I am more and more thankful for his incredibly kind, loving and patient soul. He grounds me and has been a huge part of the person I have become. We also have a daughter, Emerson, and a son, Harrison, who hold the most special place in my heart.  

I am so excited to love you big and serve you well through this exciting time in your journey as we tell your truest story! 


photographer, storyteller, adventure seaker

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The difference is in the grain.

Why I Shoot Film

These are a few of my 

That feeling of walking off of an airplane to a whole new environment, with so much to see thrills me. This world is such a beautiful place and the amount opportunities it holds inevitable. Whether it be sitting at the beach building sand castles with Emerson or hiking for hours in Yosemite, it all brings joy to my life in different but impeccable ways. 



Spending time with those who I love is one thing I don't take for granted. I love people. Everyday I look forward to meeting someone new, facetiming my mom and sister (sometimes for hours) and getting to spend uninterrupted time with my husband and little girl. There just something about investing in those around me that brings pure joy to my life.  



Did you know when I graduated high school I wanted to open up my own gym? My aunt introduced me to fitness at the age of 15 and I began teaching fitness classes at the age of 17.  I was always active and played sports in high school but once I was introduced to the world of wellness I instantly fell in love. I love helping others and also learning new things in this industry. Its always changing and drives me to become a better person.